Sep. 2021, Russia

Project Description

We know that Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world, most of its area is above 55° north latitude, and two-thirds of its territory has permafrost. Compared with Central Europe, its cold climate increases the cost of lighting energy. In addition to lighting, HPS also emits a certain amount of heat, which is good for tomato growth. Therefore, we provide the customer with the best solution, which is to use 50% of the quantity of HPS in a greenhouse, and at the same time use 50% of the quantity of led-GHT02. The reason why the customer chooses GHT02 is that it needs a top light as a supplementary light, such as 1:1 instead of HPS top light.

We also face many difficulties and challenges in assisting customers in this project. For example, there are many diseases and insect pests, and the ripening of fruits is closely related to temperature; when the environment is too cold or too hot, the ripening or ripening of fruits will be greatly slowed down, affecting the final harvest and yield. But we use the greenhouse as a controlled environment cultivation. Being able to control the environment, temperature, humidity and even light offers a number of obvious benefits to growing tomatoes in a greenhouse. We choose to start seeds early, pot plants earlier, and enjoy an earlier, longer and richer harvest. The ideal temperature for growing tomatoes in a greenhouse is between 21 °C and 27 °C. Keeping nighttime temperatures above 10°C is sufficient to promote growth. However, when the temperature is lower than 15 °C and higher than 32 °C, flowering and fruiting will be reduced and slowed down. Maintaining optimal temperatures will provide vigorous growth and a bountiful harvest.

Customer Reviews

"Our production capacity --- vine tomatoes (tomato varieties) are cultivated under the combination of pressure sodium lamp (HPS) and led-GHT02. Plant growth lamp, the harvest is 55 kg/square meter, and the average single fruit weight is 155 Grams, this is the standard level, the best data is: 100 kg/square meter final output."

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When you want to generate the LED grow light to replace the HPS while fearing about the potentially high upfront investment in a new lighting set-up, the ultimate LED grow light GHT02 is your best solution. It fits seamlessly in existing HPS infrastructure and trellis constructions. The high light output of up to 2496 µmol/s or high efficacy of up to 3.2 µmol/J helps you effectively optimize crop growth, enhance crop quality and cut operational costs.

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