SK05 Bring Benefit for Greenhouse in Energy Saving

Jun 2020, USA

Project Description
Adam Smith has a 36,000 m2 greenhouse in USA for tomato growing. Before 2020, the crop was lit by HPS, this kind of system produces both heat and light, meaning the two factors cannot be controlled independently, the higher temperatures caused problems for their spring and summer planting, in order to solve this problem, they replaced the original HPS with our LED, because LEDs do not generate any radiant heat, it is possible to control the temperature and the lighting separately.
Customer Reviews

Adam Smith said: “Using SunGrow LED to improve control level results in sturdier, better quality plants – all year round , and the energy savings achieved by SunGrow LED are more than 10%.”

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Boost yield, quality for high-wire tomatoes and cucumbers, produce vegetables year-round, all you want for your greenhouse is SGL top lighting SK05 grow lights. It widely used in high wire vegetables, leafy greens and herbs, soft fruits and floriculture.

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