Sundopt(www.sundopt.com), founded in year 2009,is a leading LED lighting manufacturer of China, it owns two 5-floor manufacturing buildings in Shenzhen, with total area of 140000 square feet, It also deploys one assembly factory in Malaysia which can bypass the extremely high tariff amid US-CHINA trade war. For better management of raw material lead time , Sundopt set up its own die-castingfactory in 2017. In year 2020, its total revenue is more than 40 million US dollars.

Sun Grow LED is the brand of Sundopt that was created especially for LED Grow Light in 2018. It's designated to research and develop the most cost-effective, high-performance LED solution to replace HPS/HID light in the growing business. Our clients are located in more than 16 countries and they are producing high-quality crops and elevated yields by using our lights.


  • Dust-Free Silicon Coating Auto-Spray room
  • SMD mounter and reflow oven
  • Office
  • Semi-automatic production line
  • Integrating sphere tester
  • Voltage-Switchable and Programmable Aging system
  • Aging testing